.. But You’ve Never Been So Alone

Technology… makes life so much easier. I used to be hide in the woods for days, weeks, whispering to people, trying to draw them out in the night. But they had community. They all looked out after each other. I’d be lucky to eat maybe one, two souls a year. But now when I’ hungry, I simply make one phone call. You’re all so connected.. but you’ve never been so alone. (Crocotta, Supernatural s3e14, Long Distance-Call)

Couldn’t agree more. Oh dear… 😐




  • Crocotta is a scavenger creature that lures victims to their deaths and feeds on their souls [sumber]
  • This Dean and Sam Winchester are cute but.. too much bromance for my weekend. Fyuuhh!
  • Full of crap but entertaining is so much better than proyek-super-sok-idealis-tapi-gagal-di-tengah-jalan.
  • Count none but yourself.
  • Yes, this is another curcol thingy. Totally. Sekian.


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7 Responses to .. But You’ve Never Been So Alone

  1. Chic says:

    sendiri di tengah keramaian, begitu kan?
    jadi technology membuat kita antisosial sebenernya
    πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

    jadi inget tagar #sebelumadainternet yang saya bikin kapan tau itu
    πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

  2. warm says:

    jadi kesimpulannya adalah,
    ahnikmati saja semua prosesnya, dest
    *sok bijak*

  3. Takodok! says:

    saya memang cenderung antisosial, lah jadi makin aja gitu lho 😐
    Eh, jadi tagar #sebelumadainternet itu dari mak Chic?
    Seru! πŸ˜€

    sort of

    nikmati sakitnya juga om? Tapi sakiiiiiiiiittttttt aja gitu 😐

  4. mauritia says:

    B-bromance? =)) =)) =))
    Takooooo, kenapa kau menulis kata ini? Sekarang aku ngga bakal bisa nonton The Winchesters itu tanpa kepikiran bromance diantara mereka, hahahaha.


    bukan NaNoWrimo kan? :mrgreen:
    *mentang2 bulan november, kalo ada orang bilang proyek pasti ingetnya NaNoNaNo* XD

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