Closure. No. Unfinished.

You can’t delete contact from your brain! You’re not just deleting a number, you’re deleting a part of your life. You know.. all those memories, all those experiences. It’s like you’re admitting they’re gone forever.

It’s a number that you will never dial again. But you kept it in your phone because it reminds you of a version of yourself that you could be, even it’s a version of yourself that you’ll never become.


Closure doesn’t exist. It just.. ended. And no matter how much I try to forget that it happened, it will never not happened. He and I will always be a loose end. We’ll always be..

Most of the time, it’s just to difficult or too expensive or too scary. It’s only once you stopped that you realized how hard it is to start again. So you force yourself not to want it. But it’s always there. And until you finish it, it always be.. unfinished.


Taken from this tv series.

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9 Responses to Closure. No. Unfinished.

  1. Oh, yeah. I see, I see… (doh)

  2. Grace says:

    This episode is a headshot to me 😦

  3. Lumiere says:

    O God, it so true 😦

  4. dnial says:

    Life is indeed series of unfinished business, unfulfilled dreams, broken heart and broken expectation.

    We all live with scars and unfinished, don’t we?

  5. bearnuts says:

    err…. jadi inget skripsi -_-!

  6. So then just finished it to stop your self from being haunted

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